Mark DeHate
UX Designer - Problem Solver - Tinkerer

My Projects

My professional career thus far is full of b2b employers, so as a result, I'm unable to disclose most of my day-to-day work on a public website. So here are a few interesting things that I can show you - more on the way soon!


I'm Mark DeHate, a UX Designer based in the Lansing, MI area. I've been involved in the whole spectrum of web development, from SQL databases and Apache configuration to CSS and JavaScript, not to mention time spent in tech support, system administration, and networking. At the moment I'm handling UX design for a whole fleet of Agile teams at WorkForce Software in Livonia, MI.

I think of my current primary role as a Practictioner of Applied Empathy. I use user research, prototypes, mockups, design exercises, and whatever else is needed to bring together Product, Development, and the Users. I'm involved in the entire product development process - from early interviews and discovery with Product Managers, to mockups and prototypes with Product Owners, and then design systems and design QA with Developers. It's about bringing all these groups together to have empathy with the users, and each other.

Start to finish, the goal is always to make sure we're building the right things AND building things right. I love creative problem solving, in whatever form that takes. I particularly get fired up for the chance to take something ugly and make it beautiful - no matter if that's a design, a workflow, a piece of code, or a wiring closet. I especially love replacing old electrical outlets. Seriously, it's so satisfying!

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